Helping Physicians Leverage Their Income to Create Wealth.

Wealthbound is a course and mastermind community for physicians and other high-income earners looking to build high levels of wealth through real estate investing and a heightened mindset.


Patrick Tran, MD

Founder of Wealthbound

Patrick Tran, MD is a board-certified dermatologist, physician, and entrepreneur based in California. He is a family man with a child battling cancer and a wife he loves. He is a respected member of his community and member of high level mastermind communities including GoBundance, Jason Drees Coaching, and Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership. His success in both medicine and real estate drives Patrick to extend his resources to help others build wealth through real estate, better their mindset, and build a positive community atmosphere.


Wealthbound Outcomes

Through our courses and communities, we remain aligned to six core outcomes for our members.

Build a Portfolio

Gain the knowledge and skills to confidently buy your first rental property or rapidly scale your portfolio.

Replace Clinical Income

Create and earn passive income to exponentially increase your wealth to work only when you want to. 

Accelerate Retirement

Create a wealth building strategy that can last a lifetime and accelerate retirement 5x, 10X, or even more.

Increase Happiness

Learn the mindset framework required to achieve massive success while simultaneously being happy as ever.

Improve Health

Design a lifestyle that is a match to your goals. Achieve longevity through a life lived on your own terms.

Create Abundance

Learn the tactics needed to build massive wealth and then translate that wealth to generational abundance.


The Wealthbound Course.

Throughout the course, you will learn the real estate strategies needed to rapidly expand a portfolio across any asset class and set yourself up for financial freedom.

Videos from Experts.

Access sequential, pre-recorded videos walking you through the steps to purchase your first investment property.

Replace my income!

Investor Support

Videos with no support suck. On your path to becoming Wealthbound, Patrick and your peers will be right by your side.

Create abundance!

Mindset Coaching.

Get both tactical real estate coaching AND mindset coaching so you are able to overcome any obstacle in your way.

Design your own life!

Course Outline

Week 1: Building Your Team &

Finding the Right Duplex

Week 2: Securing Financing, Mortgage & Loan Options, and Cash Purchases

Week 3: The Offer

Week 4: Inspections, Appraisals & the Final Walkthrough

Week 5: The Closing, The After Work, and

The First Turn

Week 6: The Power of Refinance, Planning the Future & the Beginning of Financial Freedom


Why a healthcare professional should take this course.

Money buys you time freedom. Money gives you options. 

Right now, you’re trading your time for money if you’re employed. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid. As Warren Buffet said, “if you don’t learn to make money when you’re sleeping, you’ll work until the day you die.” 

The reality is most doctors don’t get rich or build wealth. While we are extremely well positioned to do this given our high clinical income, most of us will not due to limiting beliefs around money and a mindset that is misaligned with what we are truly capable of.

Through this course, you will gain the tactical knowledge and mindset required to create long-term wealth in real estate. Coupling a specific real estate investment strategy with a growth mindset was how Patrick Tran went from 0 to 21M in 8 months. He will guide you on your journey to achieving similar results.


Take The First Step

What To Expect

  • Gain the knowledge and skills to confidently buy your first rental property or rapidly scale your portfolio.
  • Investor Support Q+A and deal analysis with Patrick walking you through deals from his own portfolio
  • Learn to find key members of your investment team like lawyers, realtors, inspectors, contractor, and more
  • Tactical real estate coaching coupled with mindset coaching from a professional Performance Coach

Student Outcomes

  • Attain the knowledge to leverage your income and make your money work for you. 
  • Learn a strategy to build wealth that can replace a clinical income and allow for a successful W2 exit 
  • Create a wealth building strategy that can last a lifetime and accelerate retirement 5x, 10X, or even more
  • Build a mindset that will support your life of abundance and keep you aligned with your longterm goals
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Proven Results

Patrick is a sincere and caring person who will be there to listen to your needs.

Wilson Leung

Founder of OWN Real Estate

Patrick is a genuine guy who I will always think of when I think about being inspirational and being sincere. I know to his core he has a true passion for helping others succeed and his impact on this world is limitless. It is an honor knowing Patrick!

Calvin Chin

Founder of Zen Coast University

Tran has the knowledge and skills to help doctors build their financial freedom. This is much needed in the medical industry today!

Tim Rhode

Founder of 1Life Fully Lived

The Bottom Line.

This course is designed to create money and time freedom through real estate investing.

However, there are substantial intangible outcomes which all come from mindset.

The most real and best outcome for this course is that people walk away with a framework for living their best life…

  • To live in abundance. 
  • To be happier. 
  • To be healthier. 
  • To let go of fear, worry, anger, resentment, stress. 

We're thrilled to lead you on this journey.

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  • Find and Place Quality Tenants
  • Scale your portflio
  • Learn tax advantaged investing strategies
  • Elevate your mindset
  • Create financial abundance
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Real Estate Strategy Mastermind - Coming Soon

Stay tuned for Wealthbound's intensive real estate mastermind program and learn from real physicians who have transformed their lives through real estate investing. 

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