Our Partners

Brodie Whitney

Brodie Whitney, CPCC helps people get back in flow to do their best work, achieve their biggest goals, strengthen their most important relationships, and expand their wealth, business and mindset.

In over thirteen years as a professional coach, Brodie has served in the top percentile of the world's leading coaching organizations including Tony Robbins, Knowledge for Men, and as a Team Lead Master Coach for real estate professionals and investors.

What sets Brodie apart from other coaches is his ability to help people quickly identify and activate their purpose and vision for themselves and their life. His warm, caring nature, expertise, and keen intuition will help you break through any limitation and expand to your next level personally and professionally.

Brodie is a business owner, husband and dad living in beautiful BC, Canada where he loves to start each day with gratitude, get out in nature, stay fit, write music, have great conversations, read good books, eat good
food and enjoy time with his family.

Molly Horak

Molly is a third generational Realtor on both sides and has been working in the business for over a decade. Molly loves working with buyers and investors to find just the right property.

Hersh Rai

Hersh Rai is an active real estate investor focusing on apartments and mobile home communities with a  value-add component. With any investment, he hopes to improve the quality of life for the tenants,  provide favorable returns for his investors, and continue to work alongside experienced partners.

He began real estate investing, with his partner Nicholas Vu, while at graduate school focusing on the  Midwestern market. He actively networks and collaborates with real estate professionals to build a strong  in-market team, to source potential opportunities, and to perform proper diligence.

Beyond real estate investing, Hersh is an active duty Naval Officer who specializes in cryptologic warfare. Currently, he is  serving on a Cyber Missions Team based out of Hawaii. Hersh holds a dual B.S. in Computer Science  and Information Technology from the United States Naval Academy. In addition, he holds a M.S. in  Computer and Information Technology from Purdue University.

Nicholas Vu

Nicholas Vu specializes in commercial real estate opportunities. Specifically, he targets apartments and  mobile home communities. He focuses on market and asset analysis in order to determine the proper  value-add business plan to execute upon acquisition. Through financial modeling and analysis, he is able  to structure a deal to yield high returns for his investors, ensure a quality product is delivered upon  stabilization, and develop a conservative business plan to mitigate investment risks.

He got started in  real estate investing alongside his partner, Hersh Rai, while attending graduate school in the Midwest.  Beyond real estate investing, Nicholas is an active duty Naval Officer. Currently, he is a student naval  aviator in flight school located in Pensacola, FL. Nicholas holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from  the United States Naval Academy. In addition, he holds a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue  University.